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Forza Development is a Boston-based real estate development company owned by Vin Vomero. The goal of Forza is to not only improve the quality of living for our residents by building high quality apartments, but also to passively improve the overall health of our residents through the development of our properties.

The real estate industry has changed dramatically in recent years. New technologies in home automation and construction are being introduced, and products are becoming more environmentally friendly. While all of this change has taken place, oddly, the definition of a home has basically remained the same since the beginning of mankind: a static place to take refuge from outside elements. Forza Development is poised to change that.

Vin Vomero is changing the idea that the home is a static environment, meant to simply provide shelter, to the idea that it is a dynamic place that can improve one’s health by simply living there.

The next big movement in real estate has arrived.


What We Do

Forza has participated in the development of dozens of units spanning the greater Boston area with many more currently under development. Below are some of our favorites:

Chelsea, MA

NeWell Caldwell: 19-27 Caldwell Street - Click to view pictures

Forza Development - NeWell Caldwell 2 Famity Rendering Forza Development - NeWell Caldwell Fulll Street Rendering Forza Development - NeWell Caldwell Roof Deck Rendering Forza Development - NeWell Caldwell 3 Famity Rendering

Forza's Vision of the Future : NeWell

A few years ago I was facing two unrelated, or so I thought, problems while trying to fall asleep one night. The first problem was: "How can we differentiate the apartments we develop from others in the city of Boston?". The second was: "How can I weave Biology, my university major study, into real estate?". After some time I realized that these two questions had a common answer. An idea arose to attempt to not only improve the quality of living for our residents by building high quality apartments, but also to passively improve the overall health of our residents through the development of our properties. NeWell was born.

First on the list was to improve the bedroom. a room so important that, ideally, we spend 8+ hours there each night. We have designed what we are currently calling a "Sleep Sanctuary." The Sleep Sanctuary is an improved bedroom to facilitate higher quality sleep, which will improve the quality of our residents’ lives by giving them more energy and keeping them in better moods without having to add extra hours of sleep.

To design the Sleep Sanctuary, I began with an experiment, on myself, to test out various ideas on how to produce higher quality sleep. First, I ran a 5-day control to obtain baseline sleep metrics and quality. For the following 5 days, I tested reducing noise levels in the bedroom, which can be loud in an urban setting, reducing the amount of light entering the room, which can be significant due to streetlights, and reducing the air temperature.

Several body metrics were recorded throughout the full duration of sleep including body position (supine or prone), effort, flow, heart rate, and O2 saturation. Body metrics were recorded and measured using a medical grade Stardust II Sleep Diagnostic Device as well as a Sleeptracker Elite watch. Stardust Host Software was used to analyze the results marking important events* that occurred during sleep. Events marked included hypopnea, O2 desaturation, central apnea, obstructive apnea, mixed apnea, tachycardia, and snoring.

Even though not statically significant, the results showed a 40% decrease in the overall number of events* recorded each night after removing outliers. Fewer recorded events* translates into a more restful sleep.

Although the idea first began with the bedroom, we have expanded this approach to the entire apartment. Some other health improving amenities include a whole home water filtration system to remove chlorine and other skin and hair damaging minerals, sanitizing HVAC to filter out dust and destroy airborne bacteria and viruses, and quartz countertops in the kitchens and bathrooms to provide more sanitary surfaces. It is important to note that many of these improvements are "in place of" existing materials not "in addition to", thereby minimizing additional expenses to developers.

We believe that the NeWell brand and the idea that the home/apartment is no longer a static environment that simply provides shelter, but is a dynamic place that can improve upon your health simply by living there, is going to be the next big movement in real estate. NeWell - Homes that take care of you

The next big movement in real estate has arrived.

* Definition of an "Event" – An event is any of the following: A 22% drop in heart rate (bradycardia), a 29% rise in heart rate (tachycardia), a 50% drop to a 60% rise in effort with a duration of 10 to 60 seconds (Hyoponea), a SpO2 drop of 3% or a combined HR drop of 12.5% and a SpO2 drop of 3% (Apnea context).

NeWellSM Results

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